Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The parks are starting to get dead this time of year and I love it! We decided to go back to Magic Kingdom Sunday and it was so much fun walking around with little crowds and very little wait time... but boy, was it HOT in Orlando!

All of the pumpkins and fall decorations are out now! WAHOO! My favoritist time of the year is well approaching :-D

it was really hot and "A" did not want any part in taking a pic in the sun LOL :-/

I'm newly obsessed with the candy coated rice krispy treats at Disney. So everytime I've walked past the mega ones, I drool in jealousy..
now that she was in shade with a cold drink on hand, I got some smiles outta her ;-)

Mickey 3-D show!
Meeting Rupunzel for the first time :)

She LOVED her some Peter Pan and Wendy Darling :)

They finally brought the fairies back to Magic Kingdom *WAHOO* lol

.....But the best part was meeting Princess Tiana and Prince Neveen :)

We had a great time at Disney World. We look forward to many more to come (and cooler weather so you don't have to peel me off the pavement next time) ha!

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