Thursday, June 30, 2011

Disney World's Magic Kingdom!

We got to have such a fun week this week with my cousin, and on Wednesday we went off to Disney World and boy was it HOT in Orlando! I found a lady that gave us an AWESOME price to enter Magic Kingdom, so what did we do.. we took advantage of it!!

*NOTE: You can always click on any of the pictures to make a picture bigger!*

So with out further adieu

"A" posing in front of Cinderella's castle
Our game plan when we entered Magic Kingdom was to go straight to fantasyland and go right on the PeterPan ride to beat the crowd and long waiting line.
Here's "A" on the peter pan ride
Next up was Dumbo ride.....

Belle's castle is coming up nicely

Pinocchio and "A"
 "A" gave Pinocchio a kiss...........
 ......and blew him away LOL....

 ...and just had to give her a kiss back :)
Octavia and Aamirah with Cinderella's step mother and ugly step sisters

"A" with the Fairy Godmother

Donald Duck time! "A" giving Donald a kiss on his beak (gotta love her)

Meeting Prince Eric and Ariel for the first time

We stopped by the Disney parade for a few, here's "A" checking out the parade and spotting Jessie and Woody

we even got to meet Jessie up close and dance with her :)

Mickey waving at us.......
....and Goofy posing for us LOL

"A" with Goofy

We got a surprise when we were waiting in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride..... "Penelope Cruz" aka "Angelica" from the new Pirates of the Caribbean 4

on Aladdin ride

i thought this was funny :-p
It's not easy getting 2 toddlers to look one way and smile! So this was the best I got of the both of them in front of the castle :-/
Disney World is hard work for 2 year olds, so at this point they were getting cranky and the princesses was our last stop before we headed back home.

Besides Jasmin, "A's" favorite princess is Belle, she gave the most epic HUGE hug ever!!

We took the ferry across instead of the monorail. It was like 80 degrees and breezy so the ferry boat was a great idea to get back to the car :)
"A" loved it
Farewell Magic Kingdom
We had such a great time with my cousins, can't wait to do it all again but with even more fun since our kids will be a little older!