Sunday, September 18, 2011

A day at Magic Kingdom

We decided to go stroll around Disney on Saturday and I'm glad we did.. we had a lot of fun and it beats sitting at home!

Instead of taking the usual monorail, we took the ferry boat to Magic Kingdom instead..

I had on a Disney issued "Happy Birthday" button on since it was my birthday this past Thursday & these guys had sang "Happy Birthday" to me upon arriving in Main Street at Magic Kingdom :)

I had to make a stop at the Confectionery for one of these delish treats *drools*

No visit to Magic Kingdom is complete without a pose or two in front of the infamous Cinderella's castle :-p

Hey Chip, Hey Dale, long time no see :)

We went on the Tomorrowland speedway, and I had "A" drive us around... she did pretty good to, because we made it out the the car alive LOL......

... and Miss "A" got her first Disney issued "drivers license"!

It was another fun visit, but oh so hot. I can't believe "A" & I managed to walk around in the hot hot heat for so long. It's definitely time to relax in the a/c for now till the cool weather approaches!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Disclaimer: This post is just a joke, so don't freak out.

If dads were moms...

The world would be crawling with filthy children.

Meals would be planned according to difficulty level and speed. Eg: donuts, Happy Meals, cereal. Repeat.

Clothing would be ill-fitting and mismatched.

Bedtime would be at whatever-o'clock.

There would be an abundance of Star Wars action figures and Hotwheels in the toy chest all over the floor.

ER visits would quadruple.

They would be singing AC/DC before Itsy Bitsy Spider.

School would be optional. Eg: "Daddy, can I stay home today?""Hell yes. I will, too. XBox marathon!"

There would be no braids, barrettes, or any hairstyle more difficult than a ponytail. Some children may be forming natural dreadlocks or hair is just shaved off. Including girls.

All children's sports would keep score. Snacks would be beef jerky and Red Bull.

Routine dentist appointments, eye exams, hair appointments, school registration, professional photos, playdates, and well-child visits would not happen.

Potty training would happen at a much earlier age.
Less children in ballet. More children in UFC.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The parks are starting to get dead this time of year and I love it! We decided to go back to Magic Kingdom Sunday and it was so much fun walking around with little crowds and very little wait time... but boy, was it HOT in Orlando!

All of the pumpkins and fall decorations are out now! WAHOO! My favoritist time of the year is well approaching :-D

it was really hot and "A" did not want any part in taking a pic in the sun LOL :-/

I'm newly obsessed with the candy coated rice krispy treats at Disney. So everytime I've walked past the mega ones, I drool in jealousy..
now that she was in shade with a cold drink on hand, I got some smiles outta her ;-)

Mickey 3-D show!
Meeting Rupunzel for the first time :)

She LOVED her some Peter Pan and Wendy Darling :)

They finally brought the fairies back to Magic Kingdom *WAHOO* lol

.....But the best part was meeting Princess Tiana and Prince Neveen :)

We had a great time at Disney World. We look forward to many more to come (and cooler weather so you don't have to peel me off the pavement next time) ha!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"A's" first haircut done at Disney World!!!

Sunday was such an exciting day! I took "A" to the Magic Kingdom Harmony Barber Shop in Disney World (where else huh?) ;-p to get her very first haircut! She did so well, they really know how to keep kids occupied and happy as I'm sure they do hundreds of "1st haircuts" a day., plus "A" loves getting her hair done anyways ;-)

This is before the snipping began... her hair started out at mid back, & I had them cut 6-8 inches off, so now her hair is just above her shoulders.

... I must say, she loved it!

Everyone was amazed at how much hair she had, and loved her BIG hair :)

It was a wonderful experience having her first hair cut done at Disney because they make such a big deal out of it! This is what she got:

The "first haircut" embroidered Mickey ears, a button saying "I'm celebrating my first hair cut" a first haircut certificate and of course some pixie dust(which is NOT pictured, I opted out for the pixie dust)! All for $18!! That includes the cut and all of the above. For being Disney World this was pretty decent and worth every penny, I highly recommend going there.

A closer look at her certificate if you want to read it

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I finally gave in and bought a Disney annual pass earlier this month, as some of y'all probably seen me announce that on Facebook :-P.... so of course I'am going to use it! :-D I love Disney... anywho, here's the pics of us at Epcot on 09/04/11 (and also mines and "A's" first time there as well).

me and "A" posted in front of Epcot

meeting Daisy for the first time, and first thing "A" announced..."she got beautiful shoes mom"!

Aamirah and Belle

meeting Jasmin and Aladdin for the first time too :)

of course I had to jump in ;-)

I can say I've been to China at Epcot at least :-p

MULAN and Disney Mulan!! ;)


DONALD in Mexico at Epcot!

"A" had to play the part while in Mexico by putting on a sambrero (spell check) lol
I loved the fact that Epcot had a splash pad i the park, and it was like a zillion degrees that day so I let "A" run around the splash pad for a few to cool down a bit.

Coming out of the Nemo ride :)

Thank goodness I bought an annual pass because there IS sooo much to do at Disney, that we did not even get to do half of the things at Epcot! And the fact that we can go to all four parks.. I know I'll def be getting my money worth for the passes, and plus Disney is so much fun to go to, whether your 4 or 40 :)