Sunday, September 18, 2011

A day at Magic Kingdom

We decided to go stroll around Disney on Saturday and I'm glad we did.. we had a lot of fun and it beats sitting at home!

Instead of taking the usual monorail, we took the ferry boat to Magic Kingdom instead..

I had on a Disney issued "Happy Birthday" button on since it was my birthday this past Thursday & these guys had sang "Happy Birthday" to me upon arriving in Main Street at Magic Kingdom :)

I had to make a stop at the Confectionery for one of these delish treats *drools*

No visit to Magic Kingdom is complete without a pose or two in front of the infamous Cinderella's castle :-p

Hey Chip, Hey Dale, long time no see :)

We went on the Tomorrowland speedway, and I had "A" drive us around... she did pretty good to, because we made it out the the car alive LOL......

... and Miss "A" got her first Disney issued "drivers license"!

It was another fun visit, but oh so hot. I can't believe "A" & I managed to walk around in the hot hot heat for so long. It's definitely time to relax in the a/c for now till the cool weather approaches!

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