Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aamirah on a TV commercial...

I am the proudest mom in the world right now! I just got this e-mail: 

"Exciting news! Your daughter has been featured in our new TV commercial for Orlando Science center! 

Dying over here, dying!! LOL, Here is the link to the commercial:
(She is shown a few seconds interacting with one of the exhibits)

Orlando Science Center!

You may or may not (ahem) have noticed my absence on the blogosphere lately, well, because we haven't been out of the house to do anything worth blogging about!

So, without furthur adieu, our time at the Orlando Science center..

Aamirah taking a test to see if she wants to be a nurse!

Admiring the "male species" lol

on to the Curious George exhibit. (You'll see a lot of pics from the Curious George exhibit b/c well.. it was her favorite spot that she kept running back to).

Here she is exploring a USAF jet (not sure what it was called, i forgot the name of it, sorry)

She got to dig for fossiles....

... and she found something!

Back at the Curious George exhibit (it was a big hit for her)

Mini golfing

another one of her favorite areas

Yep, my child is a computer geek lol

We didn't do the rest of the wildlife exhibit because one of the staff had a giant snake out for people to pet, and well snakes scare me to death so I panic attacked my way out of that room as fast as I could lol

This sting ray would follow eery direction we'd go  and this is what we would see everytime we looked back at it lol

Next up, a category 1 hurricane!(wind speeds of 70mph I think)