Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lets talk cabin fever, because I HAVE IT to the EXTREME!

Let's talk cabin fever, because I HAVE IT and I have it to the EXTREME! I have to laugh at all the posts where people complain of being or staying home for a few days & going crazy with their kids or what not. Well, that's my life EVERY SINGLE DAY! So for the last year (since I've been unemployed & having a car with a bad transmission and not running) I've been stuck at home, all day, everyday with my kid. That's a lot of hours of sitting inside doing the same mundane things over and over again. If I had a car we could go out to the mall, a playground, somewhere to pass an hour or two and the day would be so much different and I wouldn't have to stress over how many hours of entertainment I have to provide. Let's just say, I LIVE for days to get out (even if its to go to a grocery store). I'm bored, Aamirah is bored, and neither of us get social interaction outside of each other or the house. It’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time with my child but the fact of the matter is I loved when i was working outside the home, I loved the fact that I get to interact with other adults on a daily basis and not just spend each and every minute of the day with a toddler. There are many days I am with a death grip on my last remaining bit of sanity. I am pretty sure that if this continues, I would develop some type of mental disorder that would require tons of therapy and antidepressants. I try not to complain, but I was just feeling a bit down today and really look forward to the day I have a job and a running car again.