Saturday, November 20, 2010

Accidental Hairstyles on "A"

I originally did "A's" hair like this....

got this idea from Stylin N Profilin's page... "put 1 red heart in the bead signifies this style was done with LOVE"...GREAT idea HUH!?!? So, I did 1 row of beads with clear hearts and 1 red heart. The rest of the beads had a butterfly on the end.

...AND ended up with a really cool braid-out, as i was taking out her braids a week later, it looked so cute that i ended up keeping half of the front row braid in. And well, here's the results.....

Cute HUH?

;The next hairstyle i was aiming for the "pony-hawk" i did on her a few months back similar to the one below.......

...but i didn't like the way it looked this time, so i took it out but kept half of the cornrows in and it gave me a "rock star-half-hawk" look. I threw a flower clip on and we were good to go :o)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Elf Yourself!!!!

Aamirah & I just Elfed OURSELVES! Check out ALL 3 videos:

 -->CLICK HERE for VIDEO 1<--
-->click here for VIDEO 2<--  

                                                        HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Friday, November 5, 2010

"kissie" privileges revoked!!!

Ok, most of us have kids... && well they get hurt, and then they want kissies on the "ouchies", and want you to make a real big deal about. Well my daughter's "ouchie kissing" privileges are revoked.
Why!? You may ask. Well let me tell you.......

I was cool with kissing your forehead, forearm, your leg, your finger (God knows where that's been) but you come to me looking all sad and pitiful and really expect me to kiss your butt because you fell down and landed on it. Well, no more I say no more "ouchie kisses" for you little lady. When I became a mom yeah, I signed up for a lot of things, but being a butt kisser wasn't one of them.

Sorry I, (I mean mommies) have limits too!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tricks & Treats

                                                          HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

Before i get into this years Halloween pics I'd like to rewind it back to "A's" first two Halloweens...

   "A" when she was barely 4 months old and her first Halloween, but since she was too small to even trick or treat, i just put on her costume for looks LOL

...And here's last years Halloween pics!! Major difference huh?? Yeah, my "lil baby" is not so lil anymore :(


Halloween 2010's Little Miss Lady Bug :o)


"A" walking confidently to the houses LOL



"A" doing her scary but cute "Halloween ROAR" hehe ;-)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Throwback Thursday!

"A" when she was 1 day old *sigh* she is such a big girl now.. where did my tiny little newborn go?!?!?!?!

Time sure does fly..... but, I'm so proud to have such an amazing beautiful daughter who never fails to make me smile! What an amazing little person she is turning out to be! she completes me :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What i wish i could say, if only i had the balls .

” I’ve fallen for you , all of you . You amaze me , always have since the day i first got the guts to speak to you . Trust came easy with you , i told you past , my history , and you , you didn’t down me because of it . You accepted me . You listen when i speak . You care when i’m quiet because you know somethings not right . You chose your words so carefully , sure not to hurt me in the slightest . And that , that warms my hearts . Though it scares me all the same . I wish i could be with you , you’re probably the only guy i’d be willing to open my heart to after all the pain its felt . But i’ll never have you . You don’t feel same , you never will . And that in itself destroys the little soul i have left . All my hope for love , is gone . I just wish for a moment you’d give us a chance . I’d make it worth your while , i swear . But you never will , will you ? Damn . I don’t really understand why i feel this way but you worked your way into my existence now to exist without you would be false idea of my imagination .  You make me forget the boy who destroyed my world and not just because i’m looking for a healing , simply because since the day we first spoke , you … healed me . I’ve fallen hard . And i don’t expect you to feel the same but deep in my heart , god i wish you did."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Pumpkin day"

Ever since i had "A" I've always wanted to have a "pumpkin day": Pumpkin patch, carving pumkin's & Baking Pumpkin goods such as; Pumpkin pie, pumpkin sugar cookies, Pumpkin bread & whatever else that's PUMPKIN that I can think of LOL. And now that she's 2, I thought she was old enough to know and enjoy a "pumpkin day", This was not A’s first pumpkin season. But the last 2 years she was still a "lil pumpkin" herself & I guess that really doesn’t count if she couldn't know & enjoy it. I’m sure that next year when she's even older, it'll be a blast but for this year I just wanted pictures & to let my lil girl explore & get to understand. So instead of "doing it big" at a local farm with hayrides, corn mazes and large fields with pumpkins (which is FUN by the way), I decided to just go to a local church’s pumpkin patch, which meant we also supported them && their causes =).

Notice that little bitty pumpkin in her hand??? Yeah, i ended up buying that too for her b/c she loved it sooo much she clutched onto it the ENTIRETY of the time we were there LOL

"A" and her BFF LOL tooo adorable....

BFF'S.. They are so cute together!

"hmmm, what are these mommy???....
Trying to get a pic of both Me & "A"..... TOTAL FAIL!!! She would not look up for nothing and she wasn't trying to sit, she was more interested in the pumpkins :-/ Oh well, I tried LOL

We got back home and right away I started the "pumpkin baking process". Here's "A" mixing the batch for the pumpkin pie

And did a pretty good job :))
I poured the mix into a pre-made pie crust
Then while waiting for the pie to be baked, we then started carving the pumpkins I had bought for the kids at the Church's Pumpkin patch. "A" and her cousin scooping out the insides of the pumpkin.

After all the insides where scooped out, I started the carving process by poking at it to get a look I wanted. (yes, this was my first time ever carving a pumpkin & i had a handy "carving for dummies" article which helped a lot LOL
...and I was shocked on how good they came out for a first timer ;)
the yummy pie was done......
and i threw in the pumpkin shaped sugar cookies... those were yummy also ;o)
"A" with her pumpkins

....AND FINALLY AFTER WE HAD DINNER, I THREW IN THE INGREDIENTS FOR THE PUMPKIN BREAD & HAD "A" WHIP UP THE BATCH LOL (i think she's going to be my new lil helper for now on)!!

And that basicly concluded our "pumpkin day". I was soo exhausted that i forgot to take a picture of the pumpkin bread.. but it sure was yummy ;o).

I'm thankful for being able to share this wonderful experience with my lil girl & complete with pumpkins <3 ...and i hope everyone has a great fall PEACE & LOVE