Monday, September 12, 2011

"A's" first haircut done at Disney World!!!

Sunday was such an exciting day! I took "A" to the Magic Kingdom Harmony Barber Shop in Disney World (where else huh?) ;-p to get her very first haircut! She did so well, they really know how to keep kids occupied and happy as I'm sure they do hundreds of "1st haircuts" a day., plus "A" loves getting her hair done anyways ;-)

This is before the snipping began... her hair started out at mid back, & I had them cut 6-8 inches off, so now her hair is just above her shoulders.

... I must say, she loved it!

Everyone was amazed at how much hair she had, and loved her BIG hair :)

It was a wonderful experience having her first hair cut done at Disney because they make such a big deal out of it! This is what she got:

The "first haircut" embroidered Mickey ears, a button saying "I'm celebrating my first hair cut" a first haircut certificate and of course some pixie dust(which is NOT pictured, I opted out for the pixie dust)! All for $18!! That includes the cut and all of the above. For being Disney World this was pretty decent and worth every penny, I highly recommend going there.

A closer look at her certificate if you want to read it

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