Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is your brain on motherhood!

This is your brain. (Holding up one large uncooked egg)

This is your brain on motherhood. (Egg cracked into hot frying pan.) Popping and sizzling ensues.

This Is Your Brain On Motherhood...overeasy and scrambled all at the same time.

 Any questions????

People told me that when I got pregnant I would get stupid. While I certainly have my “blond moments”, I have always thought of myself as a relatively intelligent person, so on one hand I figured losing a few brain cells was no big deal since I had some to spare. When I lost my job and stay home people said I would get stupid. They said that I would forget how to have adult conversations and when I did, I would fall into baby talk. They said my mind would turn to mush and I would go crazy. Fast forward three years and I can still carry on a coherent conversation, even though it is usually about my kid. I am not big on baby talk to begin with, so I think I am in the clear on that one. I think it is pretty apparent that I was already crazy before I had a kid and as far as my mind being mush? Well, more like a well ripened banana at this point. It seems as though my memory is the real casualty. I sometimes think I need to pin notes to the front of my shirt that say, “Dear Checkout person at Publix, Please, tell me I need to buy bread…and don’t let me walk away without it after I buy it.” I should also include a note that asks them to remind me to use my coupons and did you get ricotta cheese so you can make lasagna tonight? Because most times I go to the store for 3 things and I walk out with a cart full of things I didn’t intend on buying and forget the three things I went there for. I also often stand in front of the cabinets knowing I went to get something and simply cannot remember what. The upshot is sometimes while I am staring aimlessly at the cabinets trying to figure out what I went there for, I realize I put the milk in there instead of the fridge.......

Let’s not forget to mention who my company is all day. When you surround yourself with a kid whose focus is how to get a treat without eating their grilled cheese and grapes, twirling around in a princess dress while singing to herself, you tend to get a little batty. Then there is the incessant calling of your name, usually for no reason. Finally, I think I could probably complete a task or remember to take the dogs out if I wasn’t always on high alert waiting for something to break, "A" to fall or for "A" to open the door and run out to the sidewalk and start rolling around in the grass. Of course, this usually happens when it is raining, I have a white tank top with no bra on or both, so I am hoping that me screaming "A" get back here! does not prompt the neighbors to look out their door.

BUT... I’ve gotta say, TV tops the list as main cause of brain degeneration. I really appreciate some of these shows for their creativity, ability to teach my kid and give me a chance to make dinner, like WordWorld, but some of the other ones just rot the brain...both my kid and mine. For example, Yo Gabba Gabba, Wow Wow Wubzy (the names alone indicates you will get stupider after watching them) and Backyardigans. Whatever the cause of my ditziness may be, at the end of the day I am “fried.” (see 1980’s Say No to Drugs commercial reference above). It took me awhile to write this blog because I couldn’t remember all the things I forget on a regular basis. Of course, I am sure it doesn’t help that my coping mechanism for the insanity is drinking wine after my kid goes to bed.

But hey, what are a few more brain cells, right? I’ll just blame it on the hormones.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Interrupt this Blog for The Casey Anthony Saga

Without a doubt, you have heard the breaking news rocking America & possibly beyond – Casey Anthony, acquitted of murdering her little girl.
 Jose Baez and company popped champagne and celebrated after a not guilty verdict. This, three years after Casey Anthony danced on  a stripper pole and partied after the death of her daughter Caylee. Clearly a repetition of bad behavior.We could sit & argue for hours over whether or not Casey murdered her little girl. We could rip apart her life & choices & the jury & defending attorneys, wondering how they all sleep at night. If you know me on Facebook, you’re aware of my personal opinion of the verdict, complete with my middle finger raised in the air.
What breaks my heart is not the lack of perceived ”justice,” but the little girl who lost her life. The stories of chloroform & partying & imaginary nannies. The little girl who’s momma did not report her missing for an entire month. Casey Anthony, where the fuck were you?
This is a crazy, insane world we live in & we are charged as safe havens to the children we bring into this world. Casey Anthony, it was YOUR JOB to protect that little girl, to be her stronghold against abuse. It was YOUR JOB to hold that little girl’s heart & faith. The child that I birthed into this world with pain & suffering, not so much younger than Caylee at the time of her murder - may I do everything in my power to protect her.  May my little one view me as someone who knows the answers, who catches her with sure arms when she takes her first leap into the pool, who rocks her to sleep after a hard day. May she always find comfort in both my arms & heart, knowing that with every fiber in my body, my purpose is to protect her.
I know there will come a day when "A" grows apart & takes on the world by herself. I hope that with enough love & lessons from me, she will be brave & strong. Today, I will hold her close. Reminding her that in this storm of life, Momma is her safe haven.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


We went to the Nickelodeon Resorts as a b-day gift from my cousin Nancy to Aamirah, and had a blast! Unfortunately, we didn't get the full advantage of Nickelodeon cause when we had got there it started pouring rain, so us going to the awesome Nickelodeon water parks and to get slimmed was out of the question and also the next morning we had to get ready for "A's" birthday party. But, we did get a chance to see some of the characters that night :)
*NOTE: You can always click on any of the pictures to make a picture bigger!*

PLEASE NOTE I DID NOT TAKE THIS PARTICULAR PICTURE. I got it off of their site, just so I can share how awesome their water park was, unfortunately I did not take a pic of it myself because it was raining outside :-(

What we saw when we first drove around the corner to the entrance of the Nickelodeon resort

 The lobby area

Studio Nick is where the shows are held and I believe where you would go to get slimmed.. we did not get to do that though :-(

The girls checking out the lake that had random characters around
 Some of the characters you see surrounding the lake

The resort consists of two main groupings of guest suite buildings. In between, there is a "mall" that contains the resort's shops, restaurants, food court, show theater, banquet facilities, and bar (for the adults).
Moving on now ...... here's "A" with Dora......

...and Boots

The best part is when Spongebob came in, all the kids went batshitcrazy for SpongeBob! Spongebob Squarepants, is Nickelodeon's "Mickey," LOL
"A" with SpongeBob.... notice her huge kool-aid smile ;-)

"A" with Patrick

Patrick was big a hit too!
After seeing Patrick & Spongebob we went off to the Nicktoons cafe and had dinner

We got back to our room after dinner and playing in the arcade for a bit,and the girls decided to have an adventure in the drawers in their room lol
 Their "oh shoot, we just got caught faces" haha

Apparently we sucked at taking pictures at the Nickelodeon resort this time because that's all we have. Oh well, next time we'll be more prepared and hopefully be able to get the FULL advantage of Nickelodeon! Any who, we still had fun though ;-)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Disney World's Blizzard Beach!

When you step outside and the temperature is 100F, you know you need to go somewhere to cool off! What do we do when the heat index has been between 100 and 110 degrees all week long? We swim! And go wherever the WATER is!! LOL! So my cousin, I and the kids hit up Blizzard beach.

*NOTE: You can always click on any of the pictures to make a picture bigger!*

"A" immediately hopped into the pool area, and we got them on a water slide! She loves going down the slides!....

...she loved it, even gave a random stranger a high-five lol.
Heres my little cousin Octavia going down the water slide too....
...she did not like it so much :(....
so we moved along to the kiddie pool area... they both enjoyed it, especially playing with the water spitting alligator thing lol

I don't have too many pics of us and the kids in the water cause well, I don't have a water proof cam. We had a great time anyways, but unfortunately I can only show you the first 15 minutes of them in the water!
"A" smiling for the cam now is very rare, I have to quickly snap them before she sees the camera since she's on a picture strike right now :-/

The girls striking a pose! LOL :)

The most EPIC ice cream we have ever seen in our lives!! Yes, that is a pale bucket full of ice cream lol. I know what your thinking, "did they really eat all that". The answer is no haha, but it was delish :-p
The girls chowing down.
My cuz Nancy in front of the slopes.

LOL, you'd see these signs scattered around the park everywhere

At this point "A" was done with all the embarrassing mammarazzi pictures haha.
Since it was "A's" actual birthday, after we left Blizzard beach we went home and sang Happy birthday to "A".
Thanks Nancy for the cake by the way ;-)