Sunday, September 11, 2011


I finally gave in and bought a Disney annual pass earlier this month, as some of y'all probably seen me announce that on Facebook :-P.... so of course I'am going to use it! :-D I love Disney... anywho, here's the pics of us at Epcot on 09/04/11 (and also mines and "A's" first time there as well).

me and "A" posted in front of Epcot

meeting Daisy for the first time, and first thing "A" announced..."she got beautiful shoes mom"!

Aamirah and Belle

meeting Jasmin and Aladdin for the first time too :)

of course I had to jump in ;-)

I can say I've been to China at Epcot at least :-p

MULAN and Disney Mulan!! ;)


DONALD in Mexico at Epcot!

"A" had to play the part while in Mexico by putting on a sambrero (spell check) lol
I loved the fact that Epcot had a splash pad i the park, and it was like a zillion degrees that day so I let "A" run around the splash pad for a few to cool down a bit.

Coming out of the Nemo ride :)

Thank goodness I bought an annual pass because there IS sooo much to do at Disney, that we did not even get to do half of the things at Epcot! And the fact that we can go to all four parks.. I know I'll def be getting my money worth for the passes, and plus Disney is so much fun to go to, whether your 4 or 40 :)


  1. oh fun! i know she had a blast and will have memories that last a lifetime!

  2. Aww looks like you guys had fun. At 18 I still love me some Disney world!!