Saturday, July 2, 2011


We went to the Nickelodeon Resorts as a b-day gift from my cousin Nancy to Aamirah, and had a blast! Unfortunately, we didn't get the full advantage of Nickelodeon cause when we had got there it started pouring rain, so us going to the awesome Nickelodeon water parks and to get slimmed was out of the question and also the next morning we had to get ready for "A's" birthday party. But, we did get a chance to see some of the characters that night :)
*NOTE: You can always click on any of the pictures to make a picture bigger!*

PLEASE NOTE I DID NOT TAKE THIS PARTICULAR PICTURE. I got it off of their site, just so I can share how awesome their water park was, unfortunately I did not take a pic of it myself because it was raining outside :-(

What we saw when we first drove around the corner to the entrance of the Nickelodeon resort

 The lobby area

Studio Nick is where the shows are held and I believe where you would go to get slimmed.. we did not get to do that though :-(

The girls checking out the lake that had random characters around
 Some of the characters you see surrounding the lake

The resort consists of two main groupings of guest suite buildings. In between, there is a "mall" that contains the resort's shops, restaurants, food court, show theater, banquet facilities, and bar (for the adults).
Moving on now ...... here's "A" with Dora......

...and Boots

The best part is when Spongebob came in, all the kids went batshitcrazy for SpongeBob! Spongebob Squarepants, is Nickelodeon's "Mickey," LOL
"A" with SpongeBob.... notice her huge kool-aid smile ;-)

"A" with Patrick

Patrick was big a hit too!
After seeing Patrick & Spongebob we went off to the Nicktoons cafe and had dinner

We got back to our room after dinner and playing in the arcade for a bit,and the girls decided to have an adventure in the drawers in their room lol
 Their "oh shoot, we just got caught faces" haha

Apparently we sucked at taking pictures at the Nickelodeon resort this time because that's all we have. Oh well, next time we'll be more prepared and hopefully be able to get the FULL advantage of Nickelodeon! Any who, we still had fun though ;-)

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