Friday, July 1, 2011

Disney World's Blizzard Beach!

When you step outside and the temperature is 100F, you know you need to go somewhere to cool off! What do we do when the heat index has been between 100 and 110 degrees all week long? We swim! And go wherever the WATER is!! LOL! So my cousin, I and the kids hit up Blizzard beach.

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"A" immediately hopped into the pool area, and we got them on a water slide! She loves going down the slides!....

...she loved it, even gave a random stranger a high-five lol.
Heres my little cousin Octavia going down the water slide too....
...she did not like it so much :(....
so we moved along to the kiddie pool area... they both enjoyed it, especially playing with the water spitting alligator thing lol

I don't have too many pics of us and the kids in the water cause well, I don't have a water proof cam. We had a great time anyways, but unfortunately I can only show you the first 15 minutes of them in the water!
"A" smiling for the cam now is very rare, I have to quickly snap them before she sees the camera since she's on a picture strike right now :-/

The girls striking a pose! LOL :)

The most EPIC ice cream we have ever seen in our lives!! Yes, that is a pale bucket full of ice cream lol. I know what your thinking, "did they really eat all that". The answer is no haha, but it was delish :-p
The girls chowing down.
My cuz Nancy in front of the slopes.

LOL, you'd see these signs scattered around the park everywhere

At this point "A" was done with all the embarrassing mammarazzi pictures haha.
Since it was "A's" actual birthday, after we left Blizzard beach we went home and sang Happy birthday to "A".
Thanks Nancy for the cake by the way ;-)

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