Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Interrupt this Blog for The Casey Anthony Saga

Without a doubt, you have heard the breaking news rocking America & possibly beyond – Casey Anthony, acquitted of murdering her little girl.
 Jose Baez and company popped champagne and celebrated after a not guilty verdict. This, three years after Casey Anthony danced on  a stripper pole and partied after the death of her daughter Caylee. Clearly a repetition of bad behavior.We could sit & argue for hours over whether or not Casey murdered her little girl. We could rip apart her life & choices & the jury & defending attorneys, wondering how they all sleep at night. If you know me on Facebook, you’re aware of my personal opinion of the verdict, complete with my middle finger raised in the air.
What breaks my heart is not the lack of perceived ”justice,” but the little girl who lost her life. The stories of chloroform & partying & imaginary nannies. The little girl who’s momma did not report her missing for an entire month. Casey Anthony, where the fuck were you?
This is a crazy, insane world we live in & we are charged as safe havens to the children we bring into this world. Casey Anthony, it was YOUR JOB to protect that little girl, to be her stronghold against abuse. It was YOUR JOB to hold that little girl’s heart & faith. The child that I birthed into this world with pain & suffering, not so much younger than Caylee at the time of her murder - may I do everything in my power to protect her.  May my little one view me as someone who knows the answers, who catches her with sure arms when she takes her first leap into the pool, who rocks her to sleep after a hard day. May she always find comfort in both my arms & heart, knowing that with every fiber in my body, my purpose is to protect her.
I know there will come a day when "A" grows apart & takes on the world by herself. I hope that with enough love & lessons from me, she will be brave & strong. Today, I will hold her close. Reminding her that in this storm of life, Momma is her safe haven.

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