Saturday, October 23, 2010

What i wish i could say, if only i had the balls .

” I’ve fallen for you , all of you . You amaze me , always have since the day i first got the guts to speak to you . Trust came easy with you , i told you past , my history , and you , you didn’t down me because of it . You accepted me . You listen when i speak . You care when i’m quiet because you know somethings not right . You chose your words so carefully , sure not to hurt me in the slightest . And that , that warms my hearts . Though it scares me all the same . I wish i could be with you , you’re probably the only guy i’d be willing to open my heart to after all the pain its felt . But i’ll never have you . You don’t feel same , you never will . And that in itself destroys the little soul i have left . All my hope for love , is gone . I just wish for a moment you’d give us a chance . I’d make it worth your while , i swear . But you never will , will you ? Damn . I don’t really understand why i feel this way but you worked your way into my existence now to exist without you would be false idea of my imagination .  You make me forget the boy who destroyed my world and not just because i’m looking for a healing , simply because since the day we first spoke , you … healed me . I’ve fallen hard . And i don’t expect you to feel the same but deep in my heart , god i wish you did."

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