Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SEAWORLD! (part 2)

We spent sooo much time looking at dolphins, that it gets the majority of this post :)

Click here for SeaWorld (part 1)
*NOTE: You can always click on any of the pictures to make a picture bigger!*
"A" petting the sting rays

 after the sting rays we went off to see the dolphins up close.......

 ....... and to our very own eyes, we witnessed two of the dolphins matting LOL

 The dolphin show was hit as well.. and if I already hadn't loved dolphins, I surely do now ;-)

 The dolphin dancing with it's trainer

 We all enjoyed the show, these animals truly are amazing!
 Up next, "The seal and otter show"

 "A" clapping haha
 more cousinly love (makes your heart melt don't it) =)

 to cool off for a bit while my cousin Nancy was waiting in line for the "Journey to Atlantis" ride, I took the girls for some ice cream. They enjoyed it :)

 My cousin on the "Kraken" coaster, can you spot her? =)

 in the aquarium

*sigh* I miss SeaWorld already! I can't wait to go back! We all had a great time!

Click here for SeaWorld (part 1)

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