Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SEAWORLD! (part 1)

We've been having a great time with my cousin and second cousin this week. They arrived late on Monday last week and stayed for a week. It's always fun taking guests out to do the touristy fun things and get out of our normal monotonous routine. Plus it makes me appreciate living in Florida so much more since we're only 20 minutes from everything.

*Note this post will be picture heavy, so I'll be splitting it into 2 posts
*You can always click on any of the pictures to make a picture bigger!*

SeaWorld entrance =)

the heat index was between 100 and 110 degrees all day, so they weren't too happy about that
 Us with Shamu

 My cousin's dolphin watching
 Can you spot the dolphin???
 "A" at the Shamu show...............

 .......awesome show by the way!!!
 The whales splashing the crowd

 They were kissing... it was sooo freaking cute <3

 "A" was into the show the entire time, it was a hit, she LOVED it!!

 splashing each other
 cousinly love <3

 merry-go-round time!!!!
 climbing the ropes on the kiddie area
 posing after she went through the obstacle's haha
 more cousinly love
 at the polar bear, beluga whale and walrus area and exhibits
 can you spot the sleeping polar bear in the background????

 cave women hehe

 can you spot the beluga whale???

 Abby Cadabby was at Seaworld, so we took a pic with her and Cookie monster :)

Click here for SeaWorld (part 2)

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