Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poof! You're Three!!

I just got inspired to sit down and write a letter to Aamirah for her 3rd birthday.
My "baby" is 3! I had this post scheduled to post at exactly 11:06pm (EST) on June 23rd, 2011. Three years from the minute that this beautiful baby girl entered our lives on a summery June night in the O/R of Winnie Palmer Hospital.



Three years old! In what seems like 0 to 60 in no time flat.

Look at you, you are THREE today. Because of that, I suppose I should write some sappy hearts and flowers post about how it is hard to believe that three years ago on this very day, you my sweetie face munchkin dumpling with cheeks, was born.

I remember when you were a few weeks old and all you could do was eat, sleep, and poop. I loved how I could hold and cuddle with you (you were such a snuggler by the way), you were a very good baby! Fast forward three years... I love everything about you no matter what I may say under clenched teeth and furrowed brows. I love your big brown eyes, I love your tiny teeth and even the fangs, (actually, I am quite proud of those and I must say, a bit envious). You are a vibrant and happy little girl. You have such a great personality and love of life. You are super funny and you love running around and playing. I love how you jump into things and aren’t afraid to try new things (except when it comes to food). You also have a wonderful love of animals. You are so kind to our doggies giving them “treats” and sharing your goldfish & cheerios.

You also make me stop and really examine life. Through you, I actually do stop and smell flowers and other things we adults might take for granted in our lives. It hasn’t been easy for us, but I think anything of true worth and understanding it’s value comes with a price. You my dear, saved me. Sometimes in little ways, like revealing to me that I want to be a better person and a greater role model for you. I opened my heart, and explored the kind of mother and woman I want to be. My sweet, sweet princess…what a journey it has been. Each day you show me love and my "grinchy" heart grows bigger.

I just can't wait to take this next journey of your life with you as you inch your way (slowly, do you hear me? SLOWLY!) to 4.

I love you little girl!


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