Saturday, November 20, 2010

Accidental Hairstyles on "A"

I originally did "A's" hair like this....

got this idea from Stylin N Profilin's page... "put 1 red heart in the bead signifies this style was done with LOVE"...GREAT idea HUH!?!? So, I did 1 row of beads with clear hearts and 1 red heart. The rest of the beads had a butterfly on the end.

...AND ended up with a really cool braid-out, as i was taking out her braids a week later, it looked so cute that i ended up keeping half of the front row braid in. And well, here's the results.....

Cute HUH?

;The next hairstyle i was aiming for the "pony-hawk" i did on her a few months back similar to the one below.......

...but i didn't like the way it looked this time, so i took it out but kept half of the cornrows in and it gave me a "rock star-half-hawk" look. I threw a flower clip on and we were good to go :o)

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