Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Pirates Life For Me!

Introducing Captain Jack Sparrow's offspring... Miss "A".......YO HO, YO HO, A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME! :-p

"A's" costume was a HUGE hit at Disney! I did not expect it to be this big of a deal (i guess 'cause everyone is used to seeing little girls in princess attire or something "cutesy") But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was at "awe" with her costume. Random people at the park even asked me if they could take a picture of Miss "A". Aaand... she even got to meet Mr. Jack Sparrow himself :)

Her hat kept falling off, so you wont see much pics with her hat on lol.

you gotta have that Pirattitude!! ;-p
"The immortal Captain Jack Sparrow." It has such a lovely ring to it...

[Captain Jack Sparrow]: Did everyone see that? Because I will *not* be doing it again.

"A" was of course in charge here LOL.......
 [Captain Jack Sparrow to all the boys]: "If you had a sister and a dog, I'd choose the dog. I learned not to argue with the women!!" LOL
Miss "A" and Jack Sparrow <3
but she was too shy to talk with him :-/ (i guess it was the crowd?!)
Anyways, after some pirate fun in Adventureland, I took her near the castle so I can get some mamarazzi shots of her in front of the Castle with her costume before heading on some rides.

"A" on the Buzz LightYear ride

Our score sucked after the Buzz LightYear ride, so we had to go to the "losers" jail lol
"it's a small world after all"....I literally had to drag her out from this ride because she kept wanting to go back.
The castle is so pretty at night <3

Be safe & Happy Halloween to you all! What is your lil' one going to be for Halloween? :)

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