Monday, October 31, 2011

Event-ful Sunday

I took Miss "A" to two events yesterday. Orlando Magics: Flick-or-Treat and First Alliance Church: Annual Festival by The Lake!

 Arriving at the Orlando Magics: Flick-or-Treat event held at the new Amway arena. Three of the major radio stations were there along with Wesh 2 news :)
        "A" met two of the Orlando Magic dancers at the Orlando Magics: Flick-or-Treat event
                                                         "A" with a fake Dwight Howard
                                                "A" with a fake Jameer Nelson and Turkoglu
                                         ..and "A" insisted on taking a pic with a balloon ghost :-/
                                                             Orlando Magics dancers
                                                  Howard slam dunking over Miss "A"
                                                               gotta love Orlando ;-)
                                                      You got some big shoes to fill kid!
                                                          I totally want superstar seats!
                  We snuck in to the VIP lounge ;-p ... The VIP lounge and bar, super cool!! That is all ;)

They even built a playground on top for all the kids to run around in during games and such which is pretty cool

                                           Miss "A" on the roof top of the Amway center

at this point we left the Amway event to start heading over to our next Halloween event... but this is when mamarazi felt the urge to do a mini photo shoot in front of the old Church st. Station in Downtown :-p

At our last event, I did not take any pics except for this one pic when we first entered the First Alliance Church: festival by the lake event, 'cause both me and "A" were too exhausted at this point and we were both having a moment.... or two :-p
     Happy Halloween!! I get off of work early today, so I'll be take My lil' pirate Trick-or-Treating <3

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