Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life before becoming a mommy

Of course I love my life as a mommy and my daughter but I can't lie and say there aren't things I don't miss about my life before them. Here are some:

SLEEPING - Oh how I miss sleep(mamny moms can relate LOL). I have always loved to sleep and barely remember the times when sleeping 8-10 hours (in a row!) a night was the norm. I'd be lucky to get that in 2 or 3 nights these days. Is it a wonder that I'm more bitchy these days.

EATING OUT - I use to eat out at restaurants on a daily basis. You know the ones that have white fabric tablecloths and wine glasses are already pre-set on tables. I still occasionally go out to dinner or lunch with my daughter but it's not quite the same. We stick to family-friendly restaurants that usually have paper for my daughter to draw on instead of tablecloths. Usually eat really quickly before she starts getting antsy or cranky. Usually it's buffets so she don't start crying b/c she dont like her food after waiting 20 + minutes for it. The hostesses almost always seats us in the back of the restaurant away from childless patrons. Eating out does give me a break from cooking but sometimes the effort of getting a kid (or kids in general) out is such a pain that I'd rather just stay home and cook myself or do the drive-thru.

ROAD TRIPS/CLUB NIGHTS - I use to be very spontaneous. A last minute decision to drive up north or to the furthest beach was normal OR head out to a club late night. I'd just fetched my friends leave and pick up a couple of toothbrushes on the way. We sometimes had no destination and just drive till we'd find some place that looked fun to stay. A day trip these days needs to be planned days before and enough packing you'd think we were leaving for a month. Not to mention a whole days worth of unpacking and laundry afterwards.. and a nights out for mommy consist now of finding a babysitter and not to mention no staying out all night to play lol.

FREE TIME - Once upon a time I use to have lots of moments of boredom. I'm not sure what that words means these days but I do hear it often. It goes something like this .... "Mommy Ma Mommy Mama!"(in my 2 yr olds language its "mommy im bored"!). I once had time for hobbies and a pedicure happened on a weekly basis now it needs to be planned months in advance and happens more like on a annual basis instead.

HAVING A SICK DAY - Not that I like being sick but these days calling in sick to work (for myself) means more work at home. I usually call in sick when my daughter is sick so really if I were to be sick, I'd be out of sick days anyways. Plus you can't call in sick from your kids so being sick does not mean less house work or child care. Most of the time when I'm sick, my lil one is sick too so it's more work taking care of her instead of myself. I wish I can take a "Benadryl Day".

Although I miss those days sometimes, I wouldn't trade my current life for the world. After all no one said having children was easy....especially for a mom.

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