Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear humans that constantly knocks on people's doors......

 (yes, your third grader has better penmenship than I do. I accept defeat.)

Look, I LOVE my quiet mommy time. It's a time when I can ACTUALLY get stuff done. & It’s not the knocking that wakes "A" up. It’s the DOGS going batshitcrazy at the humans who dares threaten their home & masters via innocent knock. Its the constant solicitors & Jehovah's & little school brats whom attempt to sell their what-nots for the second time in under 4 days, Our dogs nearly launched themselves through the the door. Because they knocked on the door. Twice. & when I didn’t answer, they knocked. & my dogs was 3.2 seconds away from giving themselves an aneurysm from barking.
My note is rude, yes. Because even though they have the disapointment of lacking sales and speaking english, I’m left juggling a cranky, exhausted nap deprived toddler, instead of getting what needs to be done, DONE! And in my opinion, that injustice denies the need for polite society. So unless your selling Thin-mints, Do not attempt to knock on our door!! ;-)

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